Australians vote to legalize Gay Marriage.



Australians vote to legalize Gay Marriage.


Is popular opinion changing regarding traditional marriage, or is there another reason for the recent change of the Australian people and what we are seeing throughout these United States of America?

Now before I even say one word about this phenomena, the direction of this post deems me a Homophobe by the LGBTQ group, and will mark this and all such expression, “hate speech”!

But as a Christian, I am neither fearful of LGBTQ folks or a hater. I am one who loves God with all his heart, sole, mind, and strength; and loves his neighbor as himself. (Deut. 6:4; Matthew 22:37-39). But my position and belief is becoming increasingly marginalized everywhere, especially here on American soil. The LGBTQ crowd says that if we loved them we would accept their lifestyle. I certainly accept them, but cannot condone their lifestyle as anything sacred or normal. Regardless of the claims, rants, or protests, and baring the very few exceptions because of genetic anomalies, none of them were born this way. They choose to live the way they do! And, according to God’s word, their lifestyle choice is a choice to sin. As we make laws to protect their choice of sin, we begin to marginalize those within the faith community who are compelled to live by the standard set by God. This marginalization will not be complete, until the LGBTQ society completely silences the faith of everyone who follows the Bible, as well as making the very Bible (the standard of Christian living) illegal.  But why would they need to go that far? Because, what no one can silence is their conscience. This being the very crux of their protest – silence the righteous viewpoints so that there is no guilt attached to sin.

They are making progress in their protest by circumventing the constitution with spurious legislation -the kind that puts children in danger like the bathroom laws. Our legislators are also jumping on the rainbow bandwagon because they are politically afraid. They are not willing to take a stand for righteousness because it is becoming unpopular. The LGBTQ crowd is not changing public opinion as much as it is browbeating us into submission. We are increasingly fearful of being targeted by them or being labeled a homophobe, publically.

Christians need to take a righteous stand, by engaging in the conversation and not caving in to political correctness. God tells us to love people, and that means the LGBTQ crowd. We need to hold fast to the truth and speak it in love no matter what. There’s another aspect to this. Many are thinking that the LGBTQ folks can be saved despite their lifestyle choice. Others believe that they must completely stop sinning before coming to Christ. Now we know that no one completely stops sinning who has received the grace of God in salvation. We also are convinced through scripture that those who come to Christ, come in repentance (Luke 13:3). Theologically speaking, we are saved from sin (opposition to rectitude), that is, anything against the law of God. There is also widespread departure from the natural use of the law today, despite the unchangeable word of God. Paul says in Galatians that the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ. Jesus saves from sin. The LGBTQ group lives in sin. But so do practicing adulterers, fornicators, liars, covetous people, etc. We need not treat them differently. Yet, how ridiculous it would be to legislate laws protecting liars! So then why are the sins of the LGBTQ crowd any different?

Bob Cote